"How I Made $1,348,915.16 In Clickbank
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If you watch these videos and follow these steps, you'll be on the fast track to Internet success. I can't tell you that you'll make a million bucks - or how much you'll make. But this is the system used by some of the biggest companies online today.

Module 1 - System Overview (click to watch video)

Module 2 - Setting Up Your Squeeze Page (click to watch video)

Module 3 - Set Up Your Get Response Form (click to watch video)

Module 4 - Written Explanation Of The Above Steps - This document will let you see the steps so you can easily follow along while doing them. You can also print this out for handy reference. Right click on the link and choose "Save As" to save the file to your computer.

4 Key Steps

Step 1 - Set Up Hosting*- Get your Free Custom Built Website (Normally $1,997)

Step 2 - Set Up Get Response (Autoresponder) Account*

Step 3 - Put Opt-in Form From Get Response On Your Website (See Modules 2 and 3 above for directions)

Step 4 - Add Email Messages Into Your Get Response Account So Your Leads Get A Steady Stream Of Promos From You

Important Links

Hosting Registration Site*

Get Response Registration Site*


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